PieLab, the newest eatery to open in Greensboro, Alabama, would be a familiar space to creatives who frequent their local cafes. It's a place you can order a slice of Chocolate Bourbon Pecan pie, maybe some lemonade or coffee, read a book, sketch a picture, review the day's headlines with your neighbors. Except PieLab is not really a cafe, it's a space created by fourteen designers as part of the design-for-good movement Project M, hoping to draw the community in to a neutral space for conversation and connections. And of course, because of one very obvious reason: Who doesn't like pie?

...On May 1 of this year, Brian Jones was among the group of five designers who arrived in Alabama after attending an M Blitz in Maine during the month of March that launched a movement called Free Pie. "Free Pie was designed to gather people together with pie in an effort to promote conversations with neighbors and strangers, and to bring humanity back into downtown areas," he says. "We used real plates and utensils from a thrift store to reduce waste and to encourage everyone to hang around and talk." It created such a successful, instant community for the small town, they decided to continue the experiment in Alabama...read more on Fast Company

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